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Cosmos Quest Hacked?

I was wondering if anyone knew what was happening when I attempt to play "Cosmos Quest". I seem to be continuosly redirected to game276144.konggames.com which is being reported as extreemly dangerous. I am unsure if it is my computer which is infected, Google Chrome, or Add Block. I have run mulitple virus scans using Avast Anti-Virus Pro, and a couple malware scans using Malware Bytes. I don't think it's addblock, I removed it from chrome and am still getting the same issue. I also uninstalled chrome and re-installed it. Aside from that I allowed Avast some more permission to look through chrome while I have it open, but it does not come up with anything on the site. I did look up game276144.konggames.com on a couple website scanners and it seems to be blacklisted from a number of browsers; however, the link to "Cosmos quest" is clean.

Is anyone else having similar issues? I looked through the forums for a while, but have found nothing related to the game I am playing. I did see that people were having blacklist issues.

For more details: Datacenter Management Video

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