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i have that problem to i have allready a acoint on Animation Throwdown but my cellphone was stukk and cannot use it anymore so i wasend playing for 6 months untill now i want to play it back because i put money in it and stuff. i have some good cards but i cannot connect to my other acoint. ? i dont understand anyone can help me plss ?

They might be able to help you by providing you an export file. Obviously, it goes without saying that you should regularly use the save feature (such as generating an export file) at regular intervals. If you didn't delete your cookies, perhaps the last time it was saved (the cookie) it was corrupted (perhaps by closing the browser while it was writing the cookie)... or perhaps that clean-up agent for my computer deleted the cookie (which is not uncommon for cleanup programs to do).

For more details: Debit Card Video

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