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Future of clean energy

Future of clean energy is quite promising and it is also the alternative mean of fossil fuel energy. It is cheap and efficient as well.

Clean energy is also referred to as “renewable energy”. This energy is cheap as compared to fossil fuels. Electricity has become the indispensable part of our lives. Everything is dependent on electricity from everyday affairs to technology related projects. Technical researches have introduced the cheap and efficient source of clean energy. Sources of clean energy are biomass, wind power, tidal power, solar radiations, wave power and others. It is called clean energy because it is pure from the disastrous effects of carbon dioxide and methane. Prospects of clean energy are discussed in this article.

 1.      Clean energy is pure in nature

Human health is very precious and it should be protected from the catastrophic gases such as carbon dioxide and methane which is utilized on daily basis at all levels, from homes to industries. Clean energy is free from negative effects. It doesn’t emit dangerous gases in the environment and there are no negative consequences of clean energy. It is renewable in nature and can be recycled for further usage. The active usage of fossil fuels has resulted in the increase of greenhouse effect, which has increased the temperature of the earth and has also played a role in reduction of ozone layer. Various dangerous skin diseases and other diseases have resulted due to diminution of ozone layer.

2.      Clean energy is efficient and cheap

Clean energy is not costly as fossil fuel energy. Human beings have utilized fossil fuels since long which has vehemently increased the temperature of the atmosphere and is also quite costly. In comparison to this, clean energy can be obtained from windmills and the energy produced can be used for industrial purposes without emitting dangerous gases into the atmosphere. Clean energy is quite cheap as compared to fossil fuels and can be renewed again and again. Because of these factors, clean energy is being readily accepted by the developed countries, and underdeveloped countries are also looking ways for installing clean energy programs. Tidal energy has helped many industries to run efficiently and progressively without any difficulty.

3.      Clean energy is productive in nature

Clean energy is productive as compared to fossil fuels. Clean energy can be obtained from different available resources whereas fossil fuels are not dynamic as compared to clean energy. Fossil fuels are not abundant and available in some parts of the biosphere whereas the sources of clean energy are found abundantly all over the world. Sun, wind, waves and tides are all sources of clean energy which enhance its productive value manifold as compared to fossil fuels.



The prime advantage of clean energy is that it is clean in nature and it doesn’t emit dangerous gases such as sulfuric acid, methane and carbon dioxide. Clean energy is actively replacing fossil fuels due to its efficiency and productivity and it is also quite cheap as compared to fossil fuels. From above discussion, it is evident that clean energy’s future is optimistic because it is cost effective and is not dangerous to human health and plantation of the world.

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