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5 Reasons of Juvenile Delinquency among Rural Students

Juvenile delinquency is not only a term, but a trend which has increased surprisingly over the past few years. In literal meanings, juvenile delinquency is a habit of committing crime at an early age when a legal prosecution is difficult to conduct. No doubt, there is no age to commit a crime but carrying out an illegitimate activity at a very early stage of life is completely destructive and unacceptable. Children are involved in illegal practices such as trespassing, thieving and bullying. It has been observed by survey conductors that a higher ratio of juvenile delinquency can be found in rural kids, who are acquiring education from rustic institutions. To address this problem in detail, the article will continue with the 5 prominent reasons, behind the increased juvenile delinquency among rural students.

  1. 1.      Improper Personality Development

To begin with, firstly an individual needs a proper personality development in order to become a better human being of society. Alas! Rural students don’t get to develop their personality productively as their educational system and environment doesn’t offer it. They don’t learn the importance of moral values from their institutions and end up being a victim of juvenile delinquency.

  1. 2.      Lower Educational Standard

Another reason of juvenile delinquency among rural students is the lower standard of education. A child not only learns academic knowledge through his books and school but also gets to know much more about life and world. A good education is one which doesn’t only motivated you to score good grades but brings productivity in your personality. Whereas, rural schools offer lower educational standard which affects the academic growth as well as character development.

  1. 3.      Less Employment Opportunities

Studying from poor educational institutes, rural students face unemployment at a higher rate. The problem doesn’t remain here and passes on to big societal issues such as thieving, bullying and murdering. A child who realizes that he or she will not be able to secure any good employment in future, they begin finding short cuts and end up following a wrong path of crime. This thought of being jobless in futures makes them criminals at a very early stage of life.

  1. 4.      Aimless Life

With poor education and no skills, a student stand nowhere. Every child sets an aim at an early stage of life and works hard to achieve it, whereas rural kids are totally aimless because they’re unable to receive any guidance from illiterate elders. It’s much important that a child is shown a right path in order to set a goal as without any goal, life has no meaning. But, sadly, rural students obtain no advices or suggestions and live an aimless life which make them underage criminals.

  1. 5.      Corrupt Associates 

The last important reason of increased juvenile delinquency among rural students is the corrupt associates. Friends and acquaintances directly influence a kid’s personality and may bring a good or bad change into them. In villages, mostly people are illiterate and ignorant of moral values. They transfer the same thought to kids as well, which brings no good to them. Due to bad company, children fall into illegal activities and become criminals.

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