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Today- The Novice Card Home And We Explain The 'famine Online Version' TGP Version Of The Server To Create Methods

 'Famine' TGP version of how to build the server? Do you know how to create a server in TGP? Here to bring you a 'famine' TGP version of the server to create open service methods, teach you how to create a server TGP, not the players, together to understand the next bar

duplicate file finder download>>>> 'famine online version' TGP version of the room set method

One, tgp open service download token to obtain

 Tgp get this step should be to prevent as steam as long as there is a klei token who can open the service of the phenomenon.

 First open tgp famine online version, find the online lobby, click to build the server button.

 Then click the download button, the landlord has not downloaded because it has been downloaded.


 After the download is complete, click on the left side of the famine online server button, came to this interface. And click on the registration license.

 The license is required to fill in the password and there is a difference of one month, three months, six months and twelve months. General new clothes recommended to choose a month with the first.

 After the pop-up will be filled with a code of the page, the lower right corner there is a copy button, it is recommended that you first open a Notepad, this code to copy. (Landlord has been registered because of the permit, it is not repeated)

 And then open the game directory through the left side.


 After coming to this directory, open the bin folder.

 In this folder, the new key is a Notepad and renamed to certificate.txt

 Open the txt file and copy the previously copied code.

Second, the basic settings of the server

 The official gave a long, very long new and then set up the new method, but in fact, for us to open these clothes and friends who play we do not need such a complex way. Here, introduce a very nb (crooked way to open clothes).

 First open the game of famine online.

 Click on the landing, and so enter the main interface, click on the lower right corner of the account, came to a web interface. Click to get the server token, will generate a code in the above. Copy this code, first saved to a Notepad.

 Click to create the world, and best duplicate file remover then proceed to the main three settings industry


 Server settings


 This option will generate a configuration file under the archive, in view of the configuration file for most people is more difficult to read, so I suggest you set a detailed


 Introduction above

 Then click Generate World. Waiting for the world to finish.

 When starting the selection, click on the lower left corner of the disconnect

 Then close the game, open the document KleiDoNotStarveTogetherRail


 Create a new folder, naming random (as far as English)

 I'm named dst_server

 Then find the location where you used to create the archive

 Cluster_1 ~ Cluster_5

 Is from the top to the next bit to the fifth bit

 Normally open only one folder and a file after opening.

 Copy the two duplicate files deleter free to the folder you just created.

 And then create a new document, renamed cluster_token.txt

 Open this document and copy the previously copied server token.

 Then you should have this in the new folder

 While opening the famine game directory and famine server game directory

 Copy the mods in the famine game directory to the famine server game directory and cover it. (Note: this step after each mod update, you need to repeat the implementation of time, because the server on the tgp no mod automatic update function)

Third, the official open service

duplicate file finder download Open tgp in the famine online server.

 Select the folder we just created (note: do not see the name, please return to the previous step and check whether the copy of the cluster_token.txt token)

 Enter the first step to register the certificate password and click the Start button

 Then there will be a flashing black box white

 When prompted to this sentence, on behalf of the server to complete the creation

 At this time, you can open the online lobby and search for your own server. If the search on the representative of the open service on behalf of the success, there is no search of the words, please check whether there are problems in the previous few steps.

About the configuration of the server

 The server's configuration file should be opened if the server is down.

 The server's configuration file is cluster.ini under the server folder

 It is recommended to use other special coding software such as notepad ++.

 The following is the configuration file, parentheses are comments, do not copy.


 Game_mode = survival (server mode)

 Max_players = 6 (maximum number limit)

 Pvp = false (pvp is on)

 Pause_when_empty = true (if the server is no one when the server is suspended)


 Lan_only_cluster = false

 Cluster_intention = cooperative

 Cluster_description =

 Cluster_name = server (server name, if you do not use the encoding software editing, then can not write Chinese)

 Offline_cluster = false (whether to open offline mode, the default no, unless you only want to LAN online)

 Cluster_password = 2333 (server password setting)


 Console_enabled = true


 Shard_enabled = false

 Bind_ip =

 Master_ip =

 Master_port = 10888

 Cluster_key = defaultPass

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