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Women… Beautiful, Cute, Hot… are they the same?...? By Arabic Escorts

The adjective "cute" is primarily based on both looks and mannerisms, looks are quite straightforward to explain in the context and we know what we mean and its quite straight forward….. “is it ?”. behavior is also quite important , guys can especially see a woman as cute when she behaves in a particular way or to some if she seems gullible, others may see a woman who dances like no one is looking at her as really cute... Some guys even find it cute when a woman tucks her hair backwards behind her ears while in conversation, etc, etc.

To say the real truth, guys have different concepts of calling a girl cute depending on the society they stay, in the western world, it is often believed that men find cuteness as an informal synonym of being sexually appealing, to some when a girl wears a mans shirt, the oversized shirt hanging on her body seems super hot. On the other hand, going east towards the land of the rising sun, the definition of cute definitely alters at some degree if not drastically. In Japan for example when people frequently say "Kawai" meaning cute in Japanese to almost everything from a lady to being well dressed or to even a plate, they normally say it primarily based on the appearance. When individuals in the East call a girl cute, their judgment is primarily based on looks. Not saying that conduct does not count for any part , but it is something that comes less, What dominates on a ladys cuteness is whether she is hunting or not.

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People usually ask : is it possible that a girl can be both cute and hot? lots of people truly feel that a girl can be anything that she likes, she can be cute, hot, sexy, smart, all together.

Even so, it is also fascinating to be aware that some boys have differing conceptions of whether a lady is cute or hot, For them a cute woman is not necessarily a hot woman. They think a girl is one but not together. They'll often call Megan Fox, Sofi­a Laurain, etc as hot but not cute and Amanda Seyfried, Selena Gomez as cute but not hot. Their concept of hot and cute is totally different. Even when Megan Fox does cutesy stuff, its her hotness that dominates most of the time.

To be honest, the definition of "cute" is still blurred, or you can say that it is one thing that is in the eyes of the beholder. What guys will call as a cute lady varies on the occasions. cute or hot on the beach my not necessarily be cute or hot anywhere else and we are not only talking about dress… One thing for sure is that when your guy refers to you as cute, or a stranger calls you cute or your buddy from school refers to you as a cute, what they all mean could be something totally different.

So ladies, as you can see, guys ideas of cuteness or hotness change all the time, just take the complement if it comes knowing it hasn’t got anything to do with your appearance but rather the circumstances you met the complimenter, be you and live life to the full...

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