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andi Rose Plunkett and I are staring at bonsai trees. We are at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a deceptively pretty spring afternoon, and Plunkett, who makes music as Half Waif, is listing the names she gave her plants back when she and her partner/bandmate Zack Levine had an apartment near here. There was Juanita, Bubba, Princess Catherine, Jean-Claude. Her bonsai was called Beauregard.
But Plunkett, 28, recently forfeited the plants and Brooklyn, where she spent five years, for a roving existence as a multi-instrumentalist in Pinegrove, the New Jersey indie rock band with predilections for alt-country, literature, and deep sincerity. In a couple of days’ time, Pinegrove will depart for a gig in Alaska. Today, though, Plunkett has taken the New Jersey transit in from Levine’s parents’ house in Montclair, and she is reflective of her old city life. “I feel like we were almost playing house with our one bedroom, hosting people for dinner parties with cloth napkins,” Plunkett says. “We went from that level of adulthood to living with Zach’s parents and having a really grimy storage unit.”

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Plunkett began writing music on the piano as a child in Western Massachusetts; her mother, an Indian refugee from Uganda, introduced her to Hindu devotional songs. At Kenyon College in Ohio, her concept of music was cast wide open—moving from the Broadway ambitions of her teen years, she began singing in campus a capella groups and studying contemporary classical. Steve Reich and Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho left lasting impressions.


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