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Adobe Photoshop for the Family Photographer

As photographers, we've known for a long time the power of digital photography and the amazing capabilities of today's digital imaging programs. It's hard to imagine a time when you couldn't correct or enhance a picture with a few clicks of your mouse and your current copy of Adobe Photoshop. After all, Photoshop has been on the market since 1990. But for the beginning photographer, the casual snap shooter, even the Moms and Dads out there with their trusty point-and-shoots, the idea that you can manipulate your family photos must have seemed like magic that only professional photographers and computer gurus get to do. No longer. Simple software designed for even the casual user has brought digital imaging into the mainstream.
This became even more evident to us when ABC News Correspondent Kate Snow came to NYI's World Headquarters to shoot a "Sign of the Times" segment for the program Nightline. The topic of the program was the effect digital imaging is having on the family photo album. Today, it's not just advertisements and commercial photographs that are getting photoshopped – the pictures in your family's scrapbook are too! And, more likely than not, the image manipulation is being done by your Aunt Sally or your ten-year-old son, not the local photo lab. How's that for a "Sign of the Times!"
So, NYI Student Advisor for our Digital Photography Course, Ted Fisher, demonstrated to the ABC Nightline audience several examples of the way Adobe Photoshop and other digital imaging programs can enhance or correct problems typically found in wedding pictures, vacation photos, and family portraits.
If you missed the Nightline episode, don't fear. Here are some tips you can use to correct photographic blunders in your own pictures. And, we'll even show you some ways to have some fun with your photos too! Our examples all use the full version of Adobe Photoshop but you can do similar tasks using Photoshop Elements or other digital imaging programs as well.

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