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What Do Marketers and Cord-Cutters Have in Common?

A marketing cloud is no longer the hot new technology—it’s now a fundamental part of how leading companies execute their digital marketing strategies. But like consumers, marketers have growing expectations, and they increasingly demand more flexibility from their cloud providers. Scott Webb, president of cloud technology provider Avionos, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how marketing clouds are evolving, and what’s next for the technology.
eMarketer: Now that technology giants like Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle and others have built out their marketing clouds, is the buzz dying down?
Scott Webb: The language has started to evolve. In the early days of the cloud, it was easy to encapsulate challenging technology questions into this idea of something that’s floating far out somewhere. But now that kind of language is unnecessary, because a digital business is no longer a nebulous concept. From an enterprise technology standpoint, nearly every tool has a hosted element. The buzz has died down because the cloud became so established.
eMarketer: Does that mean on-premise solutions are soon to be entirely obsolete?

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Webb: Companies such as Amazon are driving organizations towards this. The Amazon Web Services model, for example, is driving down the cost of moving traditional on-premise solutions into something called a private cloud, or an extended public cloud. It’s now hard to justify building a physical data center to host physical machines or owning on-premise software. That’s just not a consideration that most corporate IT organizations make anymore.


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