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Your SEO Rankings with a Legal Blog

  If you are looking to improve your search engine rankings and increase your client leads, a legal blog could be your answer. Adding content to a blog on a regular basis is a MUST for lawyers and law firms who are looking to get ahead of the competition and reach more web searchers. Yet before you rush out and open a WordPress blog, it is important to have a legal blogger on your team who can help you update your blog on a regular basis. Otherwise, as you get busier, your blog will lay dormant and you will lose this valuable SEO tool.  Continue reading “Improve Your SEO Rankings with a Legal Blog” 



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   A legal blog discusses current legal issues, recent court decisions and newsworthy legal information and is posted to the lawyer’s website as frequently and regularly as possible – ideally on a daily or weekly basis. The legal blog should be written by a professional legal content writer who is knowledgeable and experienced in search engine optimized (SEO) content or by a lawyer who is able to devote several hours a week to this task. Effective SEO-written legal blogs improve the overall quality and value of the lawyer’s website and can improve search engine rankings and increase traffic to the lawyer’s website.  


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