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15 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Blog Posts

Turn your blog post into a slideshow presentation using PowerPoint or other software, and share the resulting document on SlideShare. Quality content presented in this format stands out, and there’s less competition on SlideShare than on other sites.

Not only is Visual.ly dedicated to helping companies create infographics and other types of visual content, it also provides a community for sharing these files. By turning your blog content into infographics or other visual content pieces and sharing them on this site, you’ll dramatically increase your blog’s exposure.
LinkedIn Groups
Sharing your content in LinkedIn Groups offers you targeted exposure beyond your usual list of connections. Just be sure the group welcomes shared content, and make sure the post is relevant to the group topic. Being perceived as a spammer on these sites won’t do any favors for your brand.
Pinterest’s active community makes this a great place to build traffic. By posting an attractive, relevant picture with a link to your post, your shareable image can help bring readers to you.
Instagram is another visual sharing site similar to Pinterest – use the same strategy you’d use to get your content noticed there and on Twitter on this site. Instagram has a strong reach into the teen and young adult demographics, making it a very attractive content sharing option for brands.
If you need traffic fast, look no further than Triberr. This platform is a social network where joining targeted “tribes” can help you build relationships with other bloggers and earn traffic by sharing others’ content.

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Simply writing and publishing blog posts isn’t enough. There’s so much digital noise out there today that this isn’t an “if you build it, they will come” kind of thing. Your work has only begun once you hit the “Publish” button – now, it’s time to promote your work.
For most bloggers, the natural first step is to share their content on Facebook and Twitter – but after this, many writers are at a loss. If all you’re doing is showcasing your blog posts on these sites, you’re missing out on the thousands of potential views that could come from sharing on other platforms.


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