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My computer is so slow and it freezes during the boot process

Hello, My computer lately started working slow and sometimes it freezes during the boot process even after a fresh installation i formated my hard driver and scanned it with different antivirus i also scanned it for bad sectors but every thing was Ok , i have my hard disk separated on tow

cunctation to windows loading

Hello, When I attach HDD side of SSD then windows load in about 2 minutes but when I detach HDD windows 8 load just in 10 seconds.Note: When HDD is installed on computer then drive C (Windows Drive) is used about 44 GB but When the HDD is removed from computer, Drive C (windows driv

How to implement hot-swap module for a personal PC

Hello, As we have hot-swap module on servers, is there any special part or device which we be able to buy separetely and implement it on our personal pc to attach and remove HDDs while system is turned on?If there is no separated part to buy, what about those HOT-SWAP able boxes?Whi

flash memory hardware recovery. recoverfab

Hello, I'm not sure if anyone has heard of these guys or not, but I figured I would give my own experience about them.I had a 16GB SD card that i use in my Nikon DSLR. We decided to use that for our wedding pictures to save on costs of a pro photographer.The day after my weddi

What's the most epic miss fail that happened to you in a game

Hello, Playing the Telltale series The Walking Dead. Just started it, I get to the house where Clementine is up in the treehouse, and I get jumped by the babysitter zombie (I'm assuming it's the babysitter).Anyway, it's a quicktime event, and I fail it about 15 times. Yup. 15 times.

Can you help me

Hello, I’m new to this forum, my reason for joining was that I understand there problems that gamers have that can be solved. My particular region of interest is in gaming accessories and their associated issues with current products on the market. Its got the point where

Struggling to make the podium in Black Ops 3?

Hello, I struggle to make good placement on the leader boards and it is highly frustrating.I consider myself to be a casual gamer but I do try my hardest whenever I play and yes I do accept that it may be that I'm just crap at the game, however I think what doesn't help is that you

What features would you want to see on a mobile-only gaming community app?

Hello, I'm a mobile app developer. I'm currently working on a mobile-only gaming community app, but I wanted to post this to get some feedback on what features you would want to see in a community based mobile-app . What qualities would you be looking for? Personally, I want to make it ea

DZ Lag- Not the normal stutter lag.

Hello,  Since yesterday I have been experiencing high rates of lag in the DZ. Not normal every 8 second stutter lag. But 20-30 second screen freezes going on for 5-7 minutes at a time. It is like I am dropping 100% of my packets from your server for 30 seconds at a time. People in my

Xbox one issues since 1.4 update (27/10 update)

Hello,  So I've had a few issues since the 1.4 update. I've tried restarting the game a number times but no change. They are:1) player way finding - the line leading you to your destination no longer shows. 2) all background noise other than gunfire and enemy voices disapp

Character/Weapon Silhouette when in Menu

Hello,  1. The character/weapon disappears and turns completely black (silhouettes) when going into a menu. BG changer from blurred area to teal-ish color.2. Happens pretty much anywhere i go into the menu and the camera shifts and collides with anything (other players, signs, walls,

Opening Stash causes framerate drops and stutter in the whole game

Hello,  So, I was having problems with extreme framerate drops and stuttering, not in the DZ, but in the LZ while free roaming, and in missions.Restarted the game, it was fine, played about 2-3 hours, LZ, DZ, missions, everything was fine, without any issue...up until I opened a stas


i have that problem to i have allready a acoint on Animation Throwdown but my cellphone was stukk and cannot use it anymore so i wasend playing for 6 months untill now i want to play it back because i put money in it and stuff. i have some good cards but i cannot connect to my other acoint.

Who do I contact for Kred history details?

This will cause your kred history to be removed. Shy of this, I am not sure that there is a way to remove your kred history. This is needed with some games to confirm your purchase (so the levels/whatever your purchased will be unlocked when you start the game). You can certainly reqeust


To whom it may concern there is a worm or virus thats coming from Contract wars and its telling you to update your Adobe Flash player and then you do and u get this worm (TrojanDownloader:Win32/Rottentu.A) i have tried for 3 days now to get rid of it and finely did from Full scan with Secur

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