Our Cloud Solutions Vs Your Own Setup

If you are planning to setup your own N-Tier White Labeled B2B Recharge Portal then you need tons of points to be checked and have to invest huge money and time, we request you to please have a look into our Compare Chart before investing huge money.

Capital Investment Estimate
SL Scope of Work Estimate Cost
1 Core Application Development — Our Features List Rs 15,00,000
2 Integration of Multiple Operators/Aggregators API’s or setting up VPN’s — Our Supporting Operators List Rs 3,00,000
3 Mobile Application Android — SMS & GPRS Rs 75,000
4 Mobile Application J2ME — SMS & GPRS Rs 60,000
5 Desktop Application (Linux, Windows, Mac) — Download Rs 1,00,000
6 WAP Site (Visit www.recharge.tsjyoti.com/m) Rs 25,000
7 Setup Charges of VMN for SMS Based Recharge Rs 10,000
8 Security Auditing & Testing Rs 1,00,000
Total Capital Investiment Required Rs 21,70,000
Running Cost Estimate
SL Scope of Work Estimate Cost
1 Dedicated Server Rental (1) Rs 15,000
2 Backup Server Space Rs 2,000
3 Firewall & Security Rs 2,000
4 Server Admin  (1) Rs 20,000
5 24 x 7 Monitoring (2 persons) Rs 20,000
6 Support Staffs (2) Rs 20,000
7 VMN Rental Rs 5,000
8 Maintenance Cost to Development Company Rs 10,000
Total Running Cost Monthly Rs 94,000
Total Running Cost Yearly Rs 11,28,000
  1. The above estimate cost based on the development charges by an ISO 9001 Certified Software Company
  2. Above is the minimum amount required to get started as your business grows you need to invest more into infrastructure and manpower
As per the above calculation you need minimum 21.7 Lakh towards Capital Investment and Rs 94,000 towards monthly running cost and required 2-3 months to Go Live

We can setup and manage the entire solution at fraction of the above cost on our Robust Cloud Platform and you can GO LIVE in less than 48 hours.


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