There are many reasons for blogger to hide Post date, time and author.
May be they want to see their blog looks clear or everything. Now We will
show you the tip and tricks to “hide your post date, time and or
author”. the mothods is very simple, just find the code that I pointed
to you and delete it. You can chose which part want to delete, date
only, time only, author only or it all. Ok, if you decided to do it lets
begin the hack.

 Login to blogger the go to “Layout –> Edit HTML”

 Click on the “Download Full Template” to back up your template first.

 Check on the “Expand Widget Templates” check box.

Hide Post Date
find this code and delete it.


Hide Post Time
find this code and delete it.


title=’permanent link’>


Hide Post Author
find this code and delete it.



5. Save your editting

Thanks for intrusting —————-