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Great news for adults who appreciate being treated like kids: Netflix has invented XVCA , ominously named The Switch “, that will, in case you opt to construct your own, dim your lights, put your cellphone into don’t disturb” manner, order a takeaway and set you up for a night of viewing. The pictures are delivered individually via the United States Postal Service from an array of regional warehouses As of March 28, 2011, Netflix had 58 transport locations throughout the U.S. 73 The subscriber can keep the leased disc as long as wanted, but there’s a limit on the number of disks (ascertained by subscription amount) that each subscriber can have on loan simultaneously. Nonetheless, the net has playfully dubbed it the Netflix and chill” button, and its own entrance signifies the next stage in the life span of a phrase that started as simply an innocent manner of saying, I’ve had a hard day and all I need to do this evening is put on Netflix, curl up into the foetal position and consume four straight hours of visual amusement”, but has become an innuendo (and a meme) for hooking up. Another evolution of Netflix and thrill” arrives on Twitter–a photo/reaction macro prefaced by some variation of 20/30/40 mins into Netflix and chill.” Hundreds of the tweets appear. Frisson and Netflix is chiefly about calling out how lamely transparent we can be when we are trying to think up a justification to get a crush into the bedroom. I think I’m about to see whats on netflix & chill until my phone gets something or some activity of the form. Folks begin referring to Netflix and chill” as a compound noun that really doesn’t necessitate an antecedent verb phrase (about to see”) or gerund (seeing”). The phrase Netflix and frisson” still has no sexual significance, but the noun phrase use is clearly rising. Netflix is still growing rapidly, and stops the year with 57.4 million subscribers in about 50 nations. Twitter user @DoYou_Q (24,000 followers) tweets Netflix & frisson” in its new compound kind. Dozens of Twitter users begin saying Netflix and chill” having a wink of innuendo.

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