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Congratulations on the Macduffie School Tianjin for Inauguration !

In the morning of May 25th , the officers of municipal party committee , directors of education bureau, founder and CEO of Everpine Capital Jerry Lou, board director Peng Dong, vice president of China education society Zhang Zhimin, The MacDuffie School U.S.principle Steven Griffin, China educati

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While there are many tools we can use to help us think sustainably, Compass is one of the easiest to use. We have implemented compass in a multitude of ways across our administration, curriculum, student groups, and community events. All students, staff and some parents know about Compass and how

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stituto Marangoni announces the opening of the Istituto Marangoni Shanghai School, the second opened in town, dedicated to the delivery of an International Fashion Design and Marketing Course, jointly hosted with Shanghai International Fashion Education Center (SIFEC).

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Understanding CPD Events in Education

As the first half term of the academic year draws to a close, many teachers are beginning to review their practice. Ongoing training can be a vital tool in improving teaching standards, which is why many teachers consider Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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The Benefits of Performing Arts for kids

The Performing Arts play a hugely significant role in helping children to develop their creative skills. Educational theorists are increasingly emphasising the importance of “emotional intelligence”, developing a creative mind and fostering personalities and imaginations as children m

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The Best Middle Schools in the U.S.

This ranking of the best middle schools in the United States focuses on grades 7 and 8. By a "middle school" we mean a school that includes those grades. Because regions (states, districts, etc.) set their own standards, in some places grades 7 and 8 may be combined with the high school, while in

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Volunteers ready for CIIE

A total of 510 volunteers from Shanghai International Studies University are ready to serve the second China International Import Expo with 15 languages, including English, German, Russian and French.The second China International Import Expo will be held a

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Japan's AGC shows off latest high-tech offerings

Many visitors to the sci-tech life and lifestyle hall of the China International Import Expo are noticing a cube made of fluoropolymer film known as “Fluon.” The second China International Import Expo will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai from Novem

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Adam Nichani Will Improve on Your Marketing Strategies

8 November 2019 - Adam Nichani is a Digital Marketing Coach, offering quality input and invaluable advice on how to develop your online business properly. Running a business is a huge challenge, especially if you do not have a solid online representation. After all, in order to expand you

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Matthew David Hurtado Will Help You Succeed in Life

7 November 2019 – Matthew David Hurtado is offering his input on the crazy successful law of attraction that would allow you to succeed in life in many more ways than one. Needless to say, we all want to be successful in one way or the other. Some people are looking for money, other

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Global New World Offers Exclusive Life Coaching

6 November 2019 – Global New World is offering innovative life coach services that will allow you to really cope with life’s hardest and most challenging obstacles. Life is a funny thing. One day you may have it all and the other you are left on your own, with no one and nothi

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Real Estate Street Delivers Quality Real Estate Solutions

6 November 2019 – Real Estate Street is offering qualified as well as genuinely experienced assistance with just about everything real estate related. Sure enough, the real estate market these days is pretty much booming with all kinds of offers. However, regardless of whether you a

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The privacy cost of consumer DNA profiling

The privacy cost of consumer DNA profilingLet's talk about data. No, not your Facebook likes that companies use to spam you with targeted advertising. Or your metadata, which reveals a great deal about you (and your cat). We're talking about the actual data of you. Your DNA. Your DN

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Access granted: How to use Southwest Airlines overseas

Access granted: How to use Southwest Airlines overseasIf you're reading this, chances are you already know a thing or two about VPNs. Maybe you've even used them to help find cheap airline tickets. But did you know that some airline sites are only available in certain countries? Tak

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Facial swapping software is now open-source

Facial swapping software is now open-sourceDeveloped by experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NVIDIA, vid2vid technology allows anybody to swap the surface images of objects in a video.Most of us know this kind of video-to-video synthesis from ‘face swapping

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5 famous whistleblowers who risked everything

5 famous whistleblowers who risked everything"See something, say something" is a safety and awareness campaign running across multiple cities in the United States. If you see misconduct, criminal activity or just something suspicious, you are expected to alert the authorities.

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Laws that threaten internet freedom around the world

Laws that threaten internet freedom around the worldWe recently explained why Australia's new cybersecurity bill is a bad idea. It gives law enforcement the ability to coerce anybody into using compromising apps, handing over passwords, or snitching on human rights activists (and lawye

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High School Students in hangzhou

High School Students in hangzhou Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang have installed an "all-seeing eye" in a high-school classroom to s

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Why choose Tianjin to living?

Why choose Tianjin to living? China today boasts at least two of the world’s great cities on its mainland – Beijing and Shanghai. While these m

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China demand for pricey international schools insatiable

China demand for pricey international schools insatiable The school year at Haileybury College’s campus outside Beijing began with three People&rsquo

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