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Riksbank Will be the First Central Bank to Cancel Negative Rates

Survey shows that the Swedish central bank may raise the negative interest rate to zero and become the only central bank to do so, though its not the first central bank to implement negative interest rates. This week's decision to raise interest rates may not be consistent with economic performan

Business > Advertising | By: freemexy jack (05/20/20)

WikiFX Magazine Comes to Hong Kong for the First Time!

After more than a year‘s busy preparation, WikiFX Magazine will be released in Hong Kong for the first time! On this special occasion, we’d like to give our sincerest thanks to our clients and business partners for your supports. We hope that the Engli

Business > Advertising | By: freemexy jack (05/20/20)

Why have Pennsylvania lottery sales

Pennsylvania continues to sell lottery tickets, including ones for nationwide drawings like the Powerball and also state-run games like the Daily Number, along with scratch-offs, at physical locations during the coronavirus pandemic.Get more news about

Arts & Entertainment > Poetry | By: freemexy jack (05/20/20)

Winning lottery ticket for $14.6M goes unclaimed

Someone won a $14.6 million lottery jackpot in Arizona. That would be really exciting — if they had claimed it.Get more news about 彩票免费包网,you can vist Tickets expire after 180 days. The winning ticket was

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/20/20)

Lottery Unlocks Global Lotteries Through Cryptocurrency Payments

Following the recent partnership Bravio Technologies Limited, It lets users play the most popular global lotteries from any location. Tickets can be purchased using either bitcoin cash (BCH) or bitcoin core (BTC) as payment methods.Get more news about 彩

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To fight the coronavirus,

With no approved drugs for the new coronavirus, some people are turning to alternative medicines, often on the advice of their governments.To get more news about coronavirus traditional chinese medicine, you can visi

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/20/20)

Coronavirus: Wuhan in first virus cluster since end of lockdown

Wuhan reported five new cases on Monday, after confirming its first case since 3 April on Sunday.To get more news about coronavirus china wuhan, you can visit shine news official website. Authoritie

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/20/20)

Forex Market Saw the Lowest Volatility in 23 Years

Although major events in 2019 such as international trade tensions and Brexit have hit the global forex market, causing fluctuation in some currency pairs, the general volatility of G10 currencies year to date has been significantly lower than previous years. Unless December sees some serious&ldq

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/15/20)

US Federal Reserve Will Release October’s Meeting Minutes

US Federal Reserve will soon release the minutes for October‘s monetary policy meeting, which had directly led to the Fed’s third rate cut in the year- an action much in line with the market‘s general expectations. On the other hand, the Fed has removed “taking appropriate

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/15/20)

How to Buy Online Lottery Tickets?

How to Buy Online Lottery Tickets? Get access to more than 50 of the biggest world lotteries for a chance to win unmatched jackpots! Right above you can find the list of all the available lotteries on LottoSmile.You can now buy lottery ticlets online from India. You can choose betwe

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POWERBALL AND MEGA MILLIONS TICKETS NOW JUST A CLICK AWAY IN PA You forgot to get eggs at the grocery store. The milk slipped your mind during that trip to the convenience store.Get more news about 彩票免费包网,you ca

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/15/20)

Where's the best place to buy a lotto ticket in your area?

Where's the best place to buy a lotto ticket in your area?   For this week's Good Question report, News10NBC got its hands on the stores that sold the most winning tickets with jackpots of $600 or more over the past six months.Shoppers like him are a big reason why this store

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/15/20)

Shanghai Disneyland reopens with anti-virus controls

Shanghai Disneyland reopens with anti-virus controls   Visitors in face masks streamed into Shanghai Disneyland as the theme park reopened Monday in a high-profile step toward reviving tourism that was shut down by the coronavirus pandemic.To get more news about 

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/15/20)

Shanghai Professor Helped World

Shanghai Professor Helped World The White House on Friday said China "mishandled the situation" after the coronavirus outbreak in its Wuhan city, but refrained from giving a definitive answer on retaliatory measures against the Asian giant.To get more news about 

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/15/20)

Bridgewater Made €4 Billion Via Bearish Bets Amid Outbreak

According to the report of data analyzing group Breakout Point on March 25th, the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, LP has closed its previous short positions of European Stock market, gaining at least €4 billion(equivalence of 30 billion RMB). Bridgewater made bearish

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/12/20)

NOPEC Bill Can Be Trump’s Biggest Hope to End the Oil Price War

In the past 2 weeks, major oil producers in the world have been trying their best to cope with the greatest crisis in several decades, while oil price has experienced a week‘s heavy losses. Saudi Arabia and Russia continued their price war, but both sides may still return to the negotiation

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/12/20)

Illegal Broker Novi FX Swallowed Investor’s Deposit

The rapid development of Southeast Asian financial markets has attracted many forex brokers, including those illegal ones. Hype marketing is usually the trick of these illegal brokers, but some investors still fall victim to these traps. Recently, WikiFX received a complaint from a Filipino inves

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/12/20)

Michigan Lottery sales drop

Michigan Lottery sales drop   Michigan Lottery sales have been dropping amid the COVID-19 pandemic and tight restrictions on nonessential outings, but sales still amounted to $52.3 million over a recent seven-day period.Get more news about 

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/12/20)

Lottery players struggling to buy or cash in tickets

Lottery players struggling to buy or cash in tickets   With a $70 million jackpot up for grabs in this Tuesday's Lotto Max draw, some lottery players are finding it hard to buy tickets.Get more news about 彩票API,you can vist loto9

Business | By: freemexy jack (05/12/20)